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Creative Content Kit  is a methodology in a deck of 65 cards, with a four-step process for creating a content strategy. It was developed by Ana Bender, and published by Bis Publishers, and is now being distributed all around the world.

Creative Content Kit
Branding + Packaging | 2020


The Brief

The brief for the Creative Content Kit was to design its package, inner cards and a logo. The kit had to be visually appealing, easy to read and the cards needed to be clearly associated with the four different stages approached by the kit. 

The Solution

The overall design is based on simple geometrical shapes - a circle, a triangle and a square. Each shape represents a different  stage in the methodology. The packaging plays with a mix of these shapes and colours, contrasting with a clean white background. The cards are simple and easy to read.

The colours play an important part as they act as a key to the different stages in the methodology.

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