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Design for poster | 2019

The "Oh Great... mais um conteúdo medíocre" was a workshop designed around content development which took place at LX Factory, Lisbon, in 2019.

The Brief

The event organisers approached me to create a poster that could also be used as a leaflet to advertise their workshop. They wanted something that would be bold and catch the eye. Showcasing the provocative tone of the event, risograph printing was essential.

The Solution

I decided that using contrasting colours and bold typography was the best way to approach this project. I included small illustrations to make the inner text easier to read and highlighted the most prominent information which was then printed in risograph. When unfolded, the material transformed into a poster, just like a mini zine.

A5 test.png
Artboard 13 copy@4x-100.jpg
Artboard 13 copy 2@4x-100.jpg
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