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Doha Experience

Brand Identity + Naming | 2019

Doha Experience is a tour guide company, which stands for an immersion in Qatar’s culture through bespoke and exclusive tours.

The Brief

Needing a brand name and a logo that portrayed the experiences that clients can obtain in Qatar, Doha Experience granted me the opportunity to represent this through its brand identity. It had to feature the concepts of friendship, culture, personalisation and fun.

The Solution 

“Doha” remained as the main element in the name to accentuate the city location of the tour. To capture the

essence of obtaining all the knowledge about Qatar’s culture, “experience” accompanied the name to make Doha Experience.


I included typeface ascenders, combined with the curved

letters to reflect the Islamic calligraphy, whilst also echoing the skyline of Doha. To express movement and transformation and embracing the personalised nature of the Doha Experience

tour, I introduced different colour schemes in the brand identity.


This new brand identity is now incorporated across

all of Doha Experience’s marketing collateral, social

media platforms as well as merchandise.

Doha Experience.jpg
Doha Experience.jpg
Doha Experience.jpg
Doha Experience.jpg
Doha Experience.jpg
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