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E a tia na lareira...
Visual Identity + Illustration +  Motion Graphics | 2021

"E a tia na lareira..." is a Brazilian dark
comedy play launched in Semptember 2022,
written by Henrique Cambraia.

The Brief

Tasked with the creative direction for "E a tia na lareira...", I was responsible for compelling visual identity, create engaging social assets, and produce a captivating credits video with motion graphics for the theatrical production of "E a tia na lareira...". The challenge was twofold: to encapsulate the essence of a crime story while infusing elements of delight into the visual elements.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic designs of Saul Bass, renowned for his work on cinematic classics like Psycho and The Human Factor, I embarked on a journey to create a striking visual identity that would embody the essence of the play. The poster design, reminiscent of Bass' signature style, employs a juxtaposition of bold silhouettes against vibrant hues. This stylistic choice not only captures the intrigue of the crime narrative but also introduces an element of visual energy.


Logo Design
The logo design for "E a tia na lareira..." draws its influence from the world of crime, as reflected in the typeface selection. Additionally, to infuse a touch of whimsy, unaligned glyphs were strategically incorporated. This creative decision adds an unexpected layer of playfulness to the logo, aligning with the client's desire to blend the serious nature of crime with an element of fun.


The Solution
The culmination of this creative endeavour is a dynamic visual identity that seamlessly merges the enigmatic allure of crime with a vibrant sense of enjoyment. The poster design, influenced by Saul Bass' iconic style, offers a captivating visual representation of the production's essence. The logo, through its choice of typeface and playful glyphs, masterfully balances the crime narrative with a touch of lightheartedness.


Ultimately, "E a tia na lareira..." benefits from a visual identity that not only resonates with the thematic elements of the play but also engages the audience through its harmonious interplay of contrasts.

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