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Espaço Vórtex

Brand Identity + Naming | 2017

Espaço Vórtex is a Gyrotonic studio based in Porto Alegre, which translates to bespoke athletic performance training, balance and mobilisation.

The Brief

I was tasked to create a name and brand identity that represented movement.

‘Gyrotonic’ is considered a unique system that incorporates movement principles from yoga, dance, swimming, gymnastics an t’ai chi. Therefore, the logo had to reflect elements of  Gyrotonic's kinetics.

The Solution 

Beatriz Pascual introduced Gyrotonic in the UK, ‘Gyrotonic is three-dimensional in its range of movements and is unique to this form of exercise’. Taking her definition as inspiration, I created the name and logo based, in a three-dimensional spiral, which is also the base-movement used in Gyrotonic technique. The word ‘Vortex’ is portrayed through the triangular shape by reflecting the letter ‘V’, while the typography combines straight and rounded elements, bringing a dynamic, yet clear readability. The earthy colour tones show an essence of healthy and natural concern.

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