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Brand Identity | 2018

Festival Internacional de Dança – Porto Alegre (FIDPOA) is an international dance competition that aims to stimulate the exchange of classical and contemporary dance talents in South America, on a global scale.

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The Brief

Releasing its first edition in June 2018, FIDPOA was committed to bring visibility to new dance talents in South America by having personalities such as Cynthia Harvey, Michel Gascard, Ôlaf Höffer and Celília Kerche, among others, as teachers and judges. For this to take place, the brand required a logo that reflected the idea of movement and connection, as well as representing various forms of dance.

The Solution 

Inspired by dance, music and the movement of the human body, I focused on the abbreviation ‘FID’, creating a simple, yet sleek symbol that could be easily recognised for years to come. The bold and confident typeface reflects the brand’s reliability and professionalism, whilst the spot of vibrant pink portrays its energy.

The logo now takes the limelight on FIDPOA’s website, social media platforms, printed and digital marketing collaterals, as well as promotional videos.

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Prancheta 1@4x-4.png
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