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Show your O Face

Logo + Illustration | 2019

Using unique hexagonal structure, LELO HEX condoms look and perform differently to any condom in the world today!

"The end of July marks a significant and satisfying calendar day that everyone should celebrate – National Orgasm Day. To honour the day, luxurious intimate lifestyle brand LELO UK is opening up a photo booth in Central London to encourage people to capture their final fake ‘O’ face. The LELO UK ‘O’ Face photo-booth, which launches for one day only on the 31st July, has been installed for people to celebrate the faces they make when that monumental feeling hits and they reach orgasm, but also to steer them away from faking ever again. Visitors will be rewarded with a print out of their photos with their faces during the height of passion alongside the brands famous Hex condoms and personal moisturiser." - BoredPanda, 2019

The Brief
For Lelo Hex activation campaign, Lelo approached me to design a logo featuring the campaign title "Show your O Face" to be applied to their photo booth. They also requested an illustration showing how the cabin would look like at Boxpark, Shoreditch, and a banner to be featured with the cabin.

The Solution 

Inspired by pop art, I developed 3 different logos featuring a man, a woman and a couple in their O Face moment. The idea was to create a colourful logo combining the concepts of fun, style and class.

O Face_Woman.jpg
O Face_Man.jpg
O Face_Couple.jpg

The same pop art style was kept for the cabin illustration, using strong black outlines and cheerful colours that would match the logo to keep the campaign's identity consistent.  The illustration was covered by online media such as BoredPanda, This is Local London, Photo Booth Network and London the Inside.

O Face_booth.JPG
O Face_pictures.JPG
O Face_Banner.jpg

Photo booth at Boxpark, Shoreditch

The informative banner was developed in the same colours and pop art style.

O Face_booth.JPG
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