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Mesa dos Afetos

Editorial | 2019

Priscila is a Brazilian nutritionist specialised in Nutritional Therapy. Based in London, she offers a comprehensive range of professional services designed to help individuals and businesses improve their health and well-being.

The Brief

I was asked to develop the layout for Mesa dos Afetos (Table of Affections) e-book and its cover. It should follow a romantic style, featuring femininity and welfare. The e-book is being distributed through Priscila's 

patients as a guide to the bespoke 

treatments she offers.

The Solution 

Taking the requested concepts as basis, I mixed photography with hand drawings to bring a personal touch. Most of the pictures features flowers and healthy food, whilst the colour palette is varied, bringing a natural aspect through the green and femininity through the pastel pink and beige.

mesa dos afetos_mockup_1.jpg
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