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Brand Identity + Packaging + Webpage | 2018

Project created through Galileo Watermark

Galileo Watermark design and creating bespoke in-flight products, providing innovative tailor-made designs for airlines.

Galileo Watermark launched OCN, following two years of development and collaborating with organisations around the world- its latest sustainability efforts to address the growing problem of plastics in the ocean, by introducing cosmetic packaging made from ocean recycled plastic.

The Solution 

I designed the packaging which features a splash of graphics, representing both floating plastic and water droplets. The fresh-looking design allows the tubes to stand out amongst other cosmetics brands on the shelf. The logo represents a label, whilst emulating a wave in the ocean. The product is now being offered as a skincare option onboard for some of the world’s leading airlines and is also featured on Galileo Watermark’s website and various marketing collateral.


The Brief

I was given the responsibility of telling the story of how plastic is ruining our world, through its packaging and creating its full brand identity; from logo to brand guidelines and web page.

OCN webpage.png
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