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SMR Anzanello

Branding + Packaging  | 2020

SMR Anzanello is a showroom space based in Porto Alegre, Brazil, that offers premium multi-brand clothes and accessories. They stand for providing a unique shopping experience to their public.

logo dourado+preto_textura.png

The Brief

Samira Anzanello approached me to create the name, the logo and the packaging for her showroom products. She wanted to create a brand that shouted elegance, luxury, practicality and contemporaneity. The name of the brand needed to be a play on her own name, Samira, whilst making sure it was easy to remember. Market research showed that the target audience was females aged between 25 and 44, with an interest in fashion and who would occasionally treat themselves to a fully bespoke shopping experience.

Branding Stationery1.png

The Solution

The name SMR Anzanello was chosen. It symbolised Samira's full name, yet easy to read and remember. The letters in the name were merged together with a contrasting colour combination. With the extensive use of the colour white, it brought the concepts of elegancy, practicality and luxury all together.

TAG_Metallic Foil Logo.jpg
box_wrap paper.jpg
logo preto.png
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