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Social Mode

Motion Graphics + Illustrations | 2020

via Social Mode

A  jargon-free social media marketing agency based in London, Social Mode are experts in social media strategy, content, brand design and website builds. 

SM Logo_white.gif

About - Motion Graphics Video

To introduce Social Mode, I had the challenging opportunity to create a motion graphics "about" video. Based on the agency's brand colours and typeface, I developed a video that plays with the words and their meanings represented through movements. The video is now featured at Social Mode's home page.


Services - Illustration + Animation

I also developed animated illustrations to describe each service provided by Social Mode: Design, Digital, Social, Start Up and Social Commerce.

Social Commerce.gif
Social Mode Illustration for website

12x3 Case Study - Motion Graphics

To showcase the work Social Mode has done do grow 12x3 social media channels, I created a motion graphics video highlighting the main actions and campaigns created by the agency.

New Year 2021 - Motion Graphics

To celebrate the end of the challenging year of 2020, I designed an eye catching all-type Instagram post, wishing hope, love and hugs (much needed) to the year of 2021.

Client Work

Cast Watches - Motion Graphics

CAST Watches is a new brand with a unique product - the only watch in the world that is 100% customisable, including the watch face itself! There are a range of designer faces to collect or print your own artwork on the face.


CAST came to Social Mode in need of a social strategy, brand look and feel. I was responsible fore developing a suite of videos and still assets that would catch attention in the news feed to show the watch face changing and bring each beautiful piece of artwork to life.

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