Visual Identity | 2020

in partnership with Fink Content

Vegish is a deli shop brand designed to be inclusive. Based in Amsterdam, they invite every food curious who wants to try new flavours to join the shop's welcoming and friendly environment. ​​​​​​​

The Brief

Aiming to create friendly experiences to their costumers and to encourage them to adapt and enjoy food, Vegish required a logo that could translate flexibility, multiple flavours and quality food.

The Solution

With a colourful palette, I designed a joyful logo that plays with the suffix 'ish'. It's a bold and cheerful visual identity which shows that Vegish is a new brand that is here to stay. It also referes to different flavours through its varied colours, which can be combined in different and flexible ways. The tagline 'Eat Lekker'* was brought as a stamp of quality.

*Lekker: one word many meanings! This Dutch word can be used as an expression for food - delicious, yummi, tasty. But, it can be applied to places and objects as well. Anything that feels joyful is lekker  (Bender, 2020)

In order to create different elements to bring a playful and remarkable brand, we created a pattern that can be used with different colours as background. It was inspired by different views of cut vegetables or fruits: it could be a peach and its stone, an avocado, an apple... let your imagination fly!

Colour Palette